M.Sc. Kurt S. Hansen,
Fluid Mechanics Section
Department of Mechanical Engineering, MEK
Technical University of Denmark,

mailto: ksh(at)mek.dtu.dk

Editor of:

1) Database on Wind Characteristics.

2) Wind Energy information in Denmark.

Research activities, general.

The Fluid Mechanincs Department at the Technical University of Denmark has been active within research and development of wind energy since 1977. The main areas covered have been:

Wind turbine aerodynamics
Wind turbine structural dynamics
Analysis of measurements on wind turbines
Analysis of wind speed measurements

The department has been responsible for the aerodynamic design of the Nibe turbines and the aerodynamic and structural design of the blades for the 2 MW Tjæreborg turbine. The department has been involved to a very large extent in the measurement program carried out for several years on the Nibe turbines as well as the measurements and data analysis on the 2MW Tjæreborg turbine and on the Masnedø turbines.

Personal information.

I have been working on wind energy related problems full time since 1977 and been in charge of all data analysis on performance measurements and structural measurements on different large Danish wind turbines (Nibe, Masnedø and Tjæreborg).

Other projects are dealing with:

reporting on performance and structural loads
investigation in uncertainties in relation to wind speed measurements
participation in Joule projects concerning wind turbine structural dynamics
preparation of guidelines for data analysis and reporting as part of both the WEGA measurement project and WEGA-II Large wind turbine scientific evaluation project.

I have obtained a considerable experience in handling large numbers of data and in the evaluation of measured data, which has been documented through a number of project reports & articles.

Reference projects are

WP4: Verification of load and production models (ongoing).
EU-UPWIND; Purpose: Finding desing solutions for very large wind turbines; WP 1A2 Metrology & WP8 Flow (ongoing)
ELSAM; VU106 Validation of the SODAR properties in different terrains (2003-2005).
UVE2000: Konvertering af danske vinddata til "Database on Wind Characteristics" 2000-2001.
Convert and include new and older measured winddata to the wind database.
IEA Annex XVII; Database on Wind Characteristics (2001-2003)
Continuation of the IEA Annex XVII; Database on Wind Characteristics (1999-2001).
Continuation of the database project initiated during 1996-1998. The main purpose of this project is to maintain and enlarge to database of wind measurements.
EFP98: Non-Gaussian turbulence (1998-1999).
Analysis of wind speed measurements recorded at different locations and circumstance for whether the  gaussian assumption of turbulence is valid (finished 2000).
JOU3-CT95-0061 Database on wind characteristics (1996-1998).
The objectives of this project is to build a database consisting of a large number of timeseries from many different sources. The initial body of data will be composed of data already available, while updating from ongoing and future measurement programs will be carried out on a regular basis to complement the database (finished 1999).
JOU2-CT93-0349 WEGA-II Large wind turbine scientific evaluation project (1994-1997).
DTU is subcontractor to ELSAMPROJEKT A/S.
The project , "Reference procedure to establish fatigue stresses for large size wind turbines." was performed within the framework of the Eupean Wind Energy R&D programe JOULE-I and was carried out with the following partners: Ciemat, GH, RNL, SPE, TUD, TA. the project was coordinated by ECN. (finished 1994)
JOUR0025; WEGA measurement project
To organize, carry out and analyze the results from the measurement programmes for the three wind turbines in the WEGA programme in a such way, that a maximum of information can be obtained in a coordinated action between the WEGA projects. At the same time a uniform database will be created with aim of facilitating later research, carried out by third party researchers. DTU was subcontractor to ELSAMPROJEKT A/S (finished 1995).
JOUR0146; Follow-up on WEGA
The present project is an extension of the project JOUR-0025 with the purpose of performing a design review in order to identify a potential cost reduction for commercial versions of the turbines involved. DTU is subcontractor to ELSAMPROJEKT A/S (finished 1995).

A breif summary of other projects are:

NewGust (JOR3-CT98-0239) Modelling of Extreme Gust for Design Calculation
Keywords: gust shape identification and gust statistics.
Nibe wind turbines
Keywords: design, measurements and reports on both power curves and structural loads
Tjæreborg Wind Turbine
Keywords: design, measurements, site meteorology and reports on power curves and structural loads
Masnedø Windfarm
Keywords: measurements, databank on structural load measurements and report on power curves.


This document contains a representative number of titles from my reports and papers (in English and Danish).

Other information

A very very short biography
Born on Fyn, Denmark 1952, M. Sci. in Engineering at DTH in 1977.
Senior Scientist at the Department of Fluid Mechanics, DTH 1986.
Married in 1986, a daughter of 21 and a son of 19 years.
Living in the Northern part of Sjælland near Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød

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